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Security to the next level with BumpStop® and advanced cylinder technology.

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Here you can customize each lock to meet your specific needs.

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Master Locks

Looking for a brand name padlock? You have come to the right place.

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Distributor and Manufacturer of top quality brand name padlocks.

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One key can open as many padlocks as you need from one to twenty million.


German engineered padlocks.

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Trigger Lock

Masterlock gun and trigger locks.

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Locker Lock

Didn't you go to school with one?®


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Tags and locks for safety compliance.

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HPI Safety

Get all of your Industrial Safety Supplies here!

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Plastic Chains

Provider of variety of Industial Plastic Chains



Online Classified Source for buying and selling new and used trash trucks.

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A Roll-off service directory.

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Manufacturer of Gussets, Lid Ears, Bar Locks, Caster-pads and more


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The Sav-Lok® product is a direct result of our need to help customers in every way possible. Hodge Products, Inc. is one of the top five international Master Lock distributors in the world; why would we design, patent, and manufacture a product that technically keeps people from losing locks? Our founder believes that if we help people save locks from theft or loss we will have a customer for life. He was right!

The Sav-Lok® is a permanent padlock to chain assembly that keeps the lock where you want it, when you want it.

The Sav-Lok® is made to fit any size padlock (excluding tiny luggage padlocks) and will withstand the abuse that occurs in and around these products.

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Hay chec®

The proper taking and retention of sampled material has been achieved with HayChec®

With Hay Chec®:Samples are easier to take moisture levels of the sample are more representative of the complete hay stack. The stem size and quantity of the sample are more conducive to any accurate and consistent laboratory analysis

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Hodge Products Inc. produces a variety of unique and useful industrial parts including:

caster pads, gussets, lid ears and more

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