After years of working in the solid waste industry, Allan and Gerry Hodge had a vision of providing waste haulers with high quality, cost-effective and maintainable container locks and parts. The result of this vision became A.M. Hodge Products.

The Hodge family has been manufacturing and distributing parts to the solid waste industry since 1971. With inventions and patents that date back to 1980 and beyond, the Hodge family has been committed to innovation in the solid waste industry for over 35 years. The innovation and patent process began with the "Counter-Balanced" lid and evolved to include automatic front-load locking devices and many other patented products. It is more difficult to lead in an industry than to follow!

A.M. Hodge Products started in the home of Allan and Gerry Hodge evolving into Hodge Products, Inc. (hpionline®.com) which now employs over 28 people at a 21,000 square foot warehouse and manufacturing facility in El Cajon, California. We are committed to providing the waste hauling community and beyond, a broad range of products, constantly producing and manufacturing new product lines to meet the needs of the solid waste industry.

In the near future, our plans will include the opening of additional facilities in the Midwest and Northeast to better serve our current and future customers.

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